Magic & Illusion Performance

Being an award winning magician, Aaron and the team organize professional Magic & Illusion performance not only national wide but worldwide.

Europe Famous Man in Balloon Show

Aaron is the first Man in Balloon performer in Malaysia. After numerous training and performance in Taiwan, he brings this amazing performance back to Malaysia to surprise his audiences.

Mascot & Clown Costumes

Role Play

We bring joy to the kids. Mascots & clown show are always the children’s precious moments!

“The laughter of every kids is our mission!”

Media Exposure

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Celebrities & Magicians


  • Aaron Pang is an award winning magician since 2010. He has been invited for countless magic conventions as well as competitions globally. More about Aaron Pang.
  • More than 100 magic events experience make Aaron the best event organiser in the Magic world. More about the past events.
  • Not only Magic show, we also provide balloon art & performance, as well as mascot and clown costumes performance.
  • We are flexible in customizing the performance to meet clients’ requirements.

Our Happy Clients

利菁, 鑽石夜總會著名主持人
Your dove magic show is very unique!
Pilou Germain, 2006 World Magic Competition Champion
小鍾, 台灣著名綜藝主持人
Aaron’ dove magic is full of witty show. His show is another wonderful one. He looks like introverted, but when he is on the stage, he looks great. Meet the biggest liar (Greatest Magician) in the world!
Byunggu Jung, Korean Magic Master
葉俊岑, 八度空間知名主持人
Aaron Pang’s magic show is truly fantastic!
A letter from Tourist, Malaysia LEGOLAND
哇! 這個人入氣球的表演是我看過最受小朋友喜愛的表演了!
拿督斯里福成宗長, 馬來西亞李氏總會會長

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