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The Journey of Magician Malaysia

Aaron’s first brush with magic took place only when he was 20, after joining his university’s magic society. Since then, he became spellbound by magic and never looked back. With his passion and dedication towards the art of making things appear and disappear, he embarked on a magical journey and aimed to be one the best magician in Malaysia.

In a short span of 3 years, his fame as a magician spread internationally. In 2010, he won the championship in the inaugural Taiwan Qing Shui festival Magic competition followed by the renowned Taiwan RIC international magic competition. With this achievement, Aaron made history.  He became the first foreign participant to emerge top in the contest, as well as the first Malaysian to win an international magic competition in Taiwan.

In the same year, he was crowned champion in Singapore’s Magic circus competition. Aaron did not stop there. In 2011, he was presented with Malaysia International Magic Contest Best Choice Award after receiving the highest number of votes among all the contestants.

Since then, Aaron has been invited to perform nationally and internationally at various places including Resort world Genting, HSBC bank and Korea’s international Magic show, never failing to astonish and amaze his audience each time. In 2011, he was even featured on Taiwan’s hottest variety show, “Diamond club” as the top magician.

With a spirit of excellence, Aaron once again won the Best Magician award in Korean’s UIMC, magician contest in 2014.

With more than 5 years’ experience in magic performance and event organising, the Malaysia Magician, Aaron Pang hopes to do his bit to bring more happiness and joy to this world through his magical touch.

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Achievements & Awards

  • 2010 Taiwan’s 1st Qing Shui Festival Magic Competition – Champion
  • 2010 Taiwan RIC International Magic Competition – Champion
  • 2010 Singapore Magic Circus International Competition – Champion
  • 2011 Malaysia International Magic Competition – People’s Choice Award
  • 2014 Korea UIMC – Great Magician Award

Aaron Pang – The Great Magician in Malaysia


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