Young Magician

Stage Magic Show

Stage Magic Show 100%

With extraordinary skill and talent, our little magicians won a number of talent competitions for the past few years. You will be amazed by how they conducts can gigantic stage magic show that never fall below your expectation.

Young Magician

Bubble Show

Young Bubble Show Artist
Bubble show 100%

The youngest female bubble artist in Malaysia!
Impressive skill and performing capability that transform every bubbles into different shapes & forms. A talent show that you should not miss in 2016.

Mask Changing Show

Mask Changing Show 100%

Deriving from Sichuan Opera, “Bian Lian” is an ancient Chinese dramatic art face changing performance. You may experience “Bian Lian” by adult performer in many shows or events before. However, our 11-year-olds performer makes the show more lively & exiting that double your excitement!

Close-up Magic
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Impressive Magic Show - Perfect YOUR Event

We organize magic show for various circumstances including company outing, corporate annual dinner, birthday party, school event, special carnival, sports events, wedding dinner as well as live TV show.
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The Best Magician in Town!

Thrilling and exciting visual illusions presented with special equipment, leaving the audience intrigued and fascinated.

Illusion Show
Illusion Show